The Importance of Strength Training for Field Hockey Player

The Importance of Strength Training for Field Hockey Player

The Importance of Strength Training for Field Hockey Player

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Field hockey players (irrespective of their level) must follow an adequately structured and planned field hockey strength training program specifically designed to combat stringent demands of the sport. Most successful players believe that leaving strength training out is a strong indication that you are ignoring a wide range of potential. Strength training is fundamental at international level. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by most players merely because they fail to understand the benefits of the same for the game.

Here are some excellent reasons hockey players need strength training:

The Basis of Athleticism

A successful hockey player should be potent and fast. Strength training will maximize athletic potential of even the fastest player. Being rapid demands decent body strength which translates into power concerning the body weight. According to studies, it is revealed that sports people holding high relative body strength are capable of running faster as compared to weaker players. For the latest and more exciting hockey news, visit

Boosts Performance

When hockey players develop sufficient strength, they get ample opportunities to outmuscle opponents for ball possession. They are also less likely to be knocked off the ball. Stronger muscles promote forceful muscle contractions to make you run faster and hit harder. You will also be able to get explosive leads and more powerful drag-flick. Power and strength training will also keep you a “step ahead.”

Improves Confidence

Most hockey players need a right amount of confidence. This keeps their mind connected to the body. When the player’s strength train, they need to exercise a lot of patience, determination, and hard work. Improved strength helps players gain confidence to perform well in their sport.

Prevention of Injury

Most players believe that strength training will leave them muscle bound and even cause injuries. However, this is just a misconception. Hockey players who follow a structured strength training regime are less prone to injuries. Strength training is very helpful in getting rid of nagging injuries and prevents future injuries.

Increases Energy Systems for Hockey

In case, you have been struggling with your hockey fitness, and it is time to enhance the energy systems of the body for the game. Field hockey demands two anaerobic energy systems. These need intercepting, short bursts of intense exertions, hitting, diving, drag-flicking, intercepting, counterattacking, etc.

When a player involves in effective strength training, the two crucial anaerobic systems evolve. The best part is that these do not place any disproportionate impact on joints to avoid fatigue during intensive efforts. The training develops a significant improvement in the aerobic system.

Quicker Recovery

It is not uncommon for hockey players to get injured. However, those who strength train would not get serious injuries. They can heal much faster than those who do not follow a strength training program. Strength training makes the body accustomed to stress placed on the muscles.

Improved Core Strength

Experts suggest players indulge in compound strength training exercises. These can effectively help improve core strength dramatically. Better core strength is critical to keep back pain at bay. It also makes you faster and more commanding on the field. Serving as the powerhouse of the body, the core includes muscles around the midsection that include hips and ABS.

Improved Hormone Balance

Strength training is beneficial for players who experience fluctuations in their energy levels. Hormone balance is improved with strength training (insulin sensitivity). Energy levels and recovery speed are affected by insulin. It replenishes glycogen stores post games or a training session. Strength training, when combined with a healthy diet, will result in a faster metabolism, improved energy levels, and quicker recovery.

Decent Body Composition

Combining strength training with proper nutrition aids fat loss and builds lean or “toned” muscle. Better body composition will help you remain healthy and compete in sport easily. Having a lot of fat makes it tough for a player to carry it around.

Fun and Challenging

If you are a real hockey player, you hold that competitive streak found in most players. You would also enjoy the challenges that come your way. Strength trainers know how enjoyable it is once they see what they have been doing.

The training will give you a feel good factor about yourself. You will also experience a sense of accomplishment as you see progress and improvements.



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