Cascarino: Wenger Can Ruin Lacazette’s Trust

Cascarino: Wenger Can Ruin Lacazette’s Trust

Former Chelsea and Aston Villa player Tony Cascarino has warned Arsene Wenger that he can influence Alexandre Lacazette’s confidence on the front lines.

Since imported from Lyon in the transfer market this summer, the French national team retainer is believed to provide fresh air for the North London club in the business of scoring against the opponent’s goal. However, from five Premier League matches he had only one full 90 minutes in the opening match in a 4-3 win over Leicester City.

While in the next four matches players who carried off 55 million Pounds was just played just enough by the coach. Even in the prestigious match at the London derby counter Chelsea last weekend which ended goalless Laca should be replaced by Alexis Sanchez, while facing Liverpool the player actually entered as a substitute.

So Cascarino rate if Wenger continues to apply such a decision in every game then the 55-year-old man would damage the confidence of playing the striker, because Lacazette is a star in the Emirates Stadium.

“Alexandre Lacazette is certainly a talented player but Arsene Wenger must be careful how to use him,” Tony Cascarino told the media.

“He had to be replaced after playing 66 minutes yesterday, where he was replaced by Alexis Sanchez who had little chance of pushing himself.

“In fact he also did it in Bournemouth and Stoke and to fight against Liverpool he had to start from the bench.

“Of course it would be very easy to lower a striker’s confidence. But maybe also at a certain moment he will think, ‘if I do not score within 10 minutes, I will be replaced’.

“The cost to bring Lacazette is more than 55 million Pounds and she is one of the players labeled star player. So you certainly know how to treat star players.

“I’m not sure Thierry Henrry will be replaced when Arsenal play 0-0 at Chelsea.”

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